displaCy ent

  • JS library
  • fetches JSON-formatted named entity annotations and transforms them into semantic HTML
  • wraps the entities in the HTML5 element for highlighted text
  • entity is assigned the data attribute data-entity
  • the labels are displayed and styled using only CSS selectors

<div class="entities">
  When <mark data-entity="person">Sebastian Thrun</mark> started working on
  self-driving cars at <mark data-entity="org">Google</mark> in
  <mark data-entity="date">2007</mark>, few people outside of the company took
  him seriously.

How displaCy ENT works

  • a simple JavaScript function
    • It takes the list of spans returned by the server, slices the original text into fragments and, if an entity should be visualised, wraps it in a tag and adds the right data attribute.


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